At Jaypee, we understand that capital preservation is key – capital gains flow from a well-thought out investment strategy. Our main objective is to provide you with all the tools and services you need to reduce the administrative burdens of managing money and focus on maximizing your trading performance and building your business.

Jaypee is dedicated to providing products, strategies and services to our Individual Clients. Our experienced and trained professionals act as your advisor and proactively help you take informed investment decisions and build a healthy portfolio.

Our services to Individuals include:

Securities and Futures Accounts

  • Self-directed/Online accounts: Simple, reliable and efficient online trading for investors preferring to trade their own account with no broker assistance.
  • Broker Assisted accounts: A Jaypee broker assisted account gives you access to a market professional with extensive trading and account service experience. Broker assisted accounts are especially appropriate if you don’t have the time to follow the markets as closely as you would like, are new to futures/securities trading, or simply want professional guidance in your trading decisions.

Research and Education:

  • Ongoing portfolio consultation
  • Research

 * Indian Brokerage services are offered by Jaypee Capital Services, Ltd.