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Jaypee Capital Services Limited, parent company of Jaypee International, Inc., employs its intellectual capital and market expertise to bring you both commodities and equities market research. Our analysts are skilled in identifying data points for investment and arbitrage opportunities. We also develop in-house advanced quantitative screens and qualitative mechanisms to identify undervalued high performing sectors. For institutional clients, we are able to provide customized research based on a particular market, product or a combination of the two. Please click on the links below for sample reports or send us an email at to subscribe today!


  • Post-Market Summary (India): Presents a summary of the entire events that occurred during the day in the market. The report gives a brief about the market movers and shakers and also about the sectors which outperformed and underperformed the indices. It also includes the daily momentum picks of Jaypee as well as the support and resistance levels of key index stocks.
  • Daily Market Monitor (Global): Gives a perspective and an overview on various commodities that can be traded in the Indian as well as the global markets. It contains a technical view on some important commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude oil along with the support and resistance levels of other commodities.
  • Currency Update (Global): Gives a brief about the USD/INR rates along with trading views on these rates. The reports also gives a technical view on currency futures of USD/INR along with Market recap and Market views. Additionally, it gives a brief about cross currency rates across various currencies.
  • Morning Glance (India): Talks about how the markets are likely to open for the day. This pre-market commentary is followed by important technical levels for the market during the day. The report also contains news flows from various daily newspapers along with global news and analysis. It contains a brief about commodities and bulk deals that happened the previous day.
  • Derivatives Daily (India): Contains an overview of Nifty futures traded during the day along with significant activity on stock futures. It contains a brief about Open interest build up in various index options as well as stock futures. It also contains data on positive and negative open interest build up and also data on FII and DII flows for the previous day.
  • Indian ADR: Contains a brief about indices and overall trading summary of Indian markets. The report also contains a market round up of various Indian ADR stocks along with any news flows for these stocks.


  • Derivatives Weekly (India): Has an overview for the week on the Nifty index and also a view on the index for the coming week. It also contains key support and resistance levels for the index on a weekly basis. This is followed by a global news and analysis for the entire week. This report also contains a brief about the various derivatives strategies and Pair trades which have been traded in the recent week along with the top open interest build up positions of various stocks. 
  • Inflation Update (India): Gives an overview on Inflation figures released during the week along with yearly and weekly % changes of the WPI index. This is followed by a brief overview and detailed analysis of the WPI index which includes analysis of Food articles, non food articles i.e. Primary articles and manufactured products which contain food products and chemical products. 

Specialized reports from our desk:

  • Pair Strategies: This report contains the rationale behind initiating the pair strategy along with the tables which contain the key statistics about the pair and also the charts which show the movement of the pair ratio‚Äôs over a specified period of time. This report also contains the details about the trade i.e. the entry ratio, mean ratio and the standard deviations along with the target ratio and time horizon for the trade.
  • Market Updates: This report contains the short term view on the markets and also a view on the sectors on which we are bullish along with the sectors on which we have a bearish view.
  • Roll Over Analysis: This report is released in the expiry week in order to give details about the rollovers that are happening in the Index Futures along with that happening in the stock futures. This report contains details about the top rollovers in Stocks as well as a brief about the strong as well as the weak rollovers. It also contains details about the sector wise rollovers and individual stock rollovers.
  • Monsoon update (India)

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