Trading Platforms

TradingScreen – TradeSmart

TradeSmart® is TradingScreen’s Client Application that enables Buy-Side clients to trade a broad portfolio of financial instruments. Through TradeSmart®, our Buy-Side clients have the ability to trade around the clock on any market throughout the globe with seemless access to the largest number of Broker/Dealer counterparties available from any one provider.

TradeSmart® is unique in its ability to aggregate multiple dealers and multiple products onto a single screen format for the electronic order routing of both direct market access and discretionary orders to an unmatched number of broker destinations. TradeSmart® also incorporates the most comprehensive access to all the proprietary algorithmic trading strategies of the leading global brokers.

TradeSmart® makes available a number of the modules that support other order management activities such as Allocations (TradeAllocation), Prime Broker Reporting, Positions and P&L (TradePosition).

RealTick Platform

RealTick, by Townsend Analytics, gives active traders the analysis tools they need to make critical decisions with confidence. Conceived and built to match the unique speed and style of any kind of trader, RealTick is a tool without equal.

RealTick is fully customizable to show you what you want, not what we think you need. You can create an unlimited number of individualized pages with over 25 windows designed to show complete information on all financial instruments. Load up with as much data as you can stand, or trim back and focus on essentials. Resize data windows. Configure your own chart parameters. Set font size and color preferences.

Using TAL Data®, RealTick lets you track over-the-counter stocks, listed stocks, futures, options, indices and currencies in North America and Europe. Review current prices, historical performance, fundamental data and a wide range of technical indicators.

Even if you don't consider yourself an active trader, use the best analytic system available to identify investment opportunities and monitor your portfolio.

This is where things get really interesting. Market analysis and order entry are seamlessly integrated in RealTick. Click on a Level II quote to enter the symbol and price for an order. Link order entry enabled windows to charts and quote screens for instant symbol changes. You get access to listed markets and to Nasdaq, including direct access to ECNs. Send electronic orders to a variety of North American, EMEA, and Asia Pacific markets and exchanges and other liquidity destinations.