Trading Platforms

Review our selection of trading platforms, and select the one that is appropriate for you.

Trading Technologies (TT)
X_Trader lets you trade multiple products and multiple markets from one fully-customizable screen in real time.

Patsystems Pro-Mark
Pro-Mark is fully-customizable, designed for active professional traders who use complex strategies across a wide range of products and exchanges.

Patsystems J-Trader
J-Trader lets you trade on multiple exchanges from the same screen with real-time trading access.

CQG Integrated Client
Offers traders an innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data and professional analytical tools.

CQG Trader
A popular quote-based execution platform for traders seeking a cost-effective trading solution.

A professional trading solution designed for advanced order entry and position management.

Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) T4
T4 is a leading trading platform that offers the professional trader global access to multiple futures exchanges with total flexibility.

Cunningham Trading Systems (CTS) T4 Web
T4 Web is a web-based trading platform that provides the retail trader global access to multiple futures exchanges from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

ORC Software
Provides significant functionality allowing traders to customize volatility management, pricing and automated quoting.

RTS Realtime Systems
RTD is an innovative application that provides access to exchange traded futures and options markets.

Sungard GL Trade
A customizable platform that provides market access gateways, market data feeds, and other financial content.

OptionsCity Metro is a fully configurable electronic trading platform for both floor and off-floor. OptionsCity functionality includes: tablets, point-click trading, electronic-eye, automatic execution with auto-hedging and mass quoting.

Focus Trader Pro
A sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, platform for active traders featuring portfolio management, comprehensive reports, option analysis and rapid order execution quotes, price ladders and charts.

Strategy Runner
An intuitive user interface with charts, easy order entry and professional strategy execution and automation.

Provides users with a fully-customizable, comprehensive and integrated software solution for option valuation, risk management and trade execution.