Why Jaypee?

At Jaypee our clients receive personal attention and associated persons are dedicated to providing clients with best possible service to assure customer satisfaction.

Our firm operates on the values and principles of efficiency, nurturing relationships, capturing opportunities and developing an edge through knowledge. We believe that these are the key to creating lasting value for our customers. They enable us to offer you diverse products in multiple geographies, a variety of advanced trading platforms, extensive research, customized services and a low-fee structure.

 * India Brokerage services are offered by Jaypee Capital Services, Ltd.

Our Values Value To You Value Benefit
Efficiency Low price Competitively low and flexible pricing structure.
Relationships Customer Service 24-hour customer support, dedicated and responsive customer service teams.
Opportunities Multiple Solutions Multiple trading platforms across geographies. Flexible and secure reporting.
Knowledge Extensive research and ideas Access to Jaypee Capital Services Limited market data and proprietary research. Ideas on stocks, commodities and trading strategies.